Sera Jadhav
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About: Sera Ferrer / Indian / 26 / 5'3" / Stonewell Village / Interrogator

Sera's sexual promiscuity as a young adult serves her well post-apocalypse. Utilizing her sexuality and position as a "weak" and "wanting" woman, Sera manipulates men into taking herself and Raj into their groups. When the opportunity presents itself, she and her brother pilfer the camp's valuable articles before disappearing on their own and leaving the others for dead.
During one such excursion, Sera and her brother were caught in the act of thievery which brought about a riot. Chaos brought noise, and noise gathered flesh eaters. As panic and disorder set it, Sera attempted to retrieve her brother, but unfortunately, they became separated. Seeking shelter, Sera happened upon Stonewell Village where she was taken in and later deemed capable as an interrogator due to her aggressive and manipulative nature.
Sera remains in Stonewell Village for two reasons. Firstly, an arsenal and provisions at her disposal and secondly, a hope that her interrogations will lead to information regarding her brother and his whereabouts.

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Quaser Height Chart

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